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Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic

Putting Your Pet First

At the Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic (EHVC), we provide integrative medicine to our clients and their pets. Striving to work collaboratively with our clients, with clear and effective communication to ensure the best possible care for your pets, we provide expertise and obtain a “whole pet view” of our patients.

We offer a slower pace in our clinic which fosters a calm and clear atmosphere. Our talented staff are trained in taking a gentle and compassionate approach with your pets to minimize the fear and anxiety that can sometimes come with a veterinary visit.

We welcome all new patients and invite you to bring your pet in for a visit! Or stop by for some treats and snuggles which are readily available at our front desk!

We Have the Best Clients

Our clients come from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. All of them have deep relationships with their animal family members and truly wish to provide the best care possible. We work with families that seek us out because they would like to provide the kind of natural health solutions and preventive lifestyle care that they choose for themselves. We also work with people who are most confident with a solidly conventional approach but want a team with whom they can clearly communicate and collaborate.

We respect and honour all viewpoints, and actively work to support you as you navigate caregiving through challenges and easy times alike. 

Best service (from docs and reception), pricing, information, advice I've seen or experienced. Anywhere. Ever. Not all about the money, actually about providing best possible care for your animals. Have also seen multiple docs* in the clinic and always get in within a reasonable timeline. Flipping love these guys.

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