Holistic medicine is the practice of looking at the body as a whole.

Like humans, animal bodies are made up of intricate systems that are interconnected to each other. Holistic medicine seeks to treat the underlying issues of medical problems; to solve the problem at its core and not just symptoms. 

As holistic practitioners, our team of doctors seek to improve the quality and the length of life for your pets. We seek to establish long-term solutions by performing comprehensive exams and obtaining an in-depth understanding of your pets’ health and needs.

After your pet has had an initial exam, we can start to individualize the following services. Our talented doctors will come up with a treatment plan with you, to determine which modalities are best suited to your pets. For more information regarding our initial exams, please click here.


Acupuncture has been used in animals and humans for centuries to treat pain and illness. Acupuncture points can be stimulated through the insertion of painless and sterile tiny needles or by gentle manual pressure at precise locations on the body. Modern research shows that acupuncture works through a combination of nerve, circulatory, and interstitial stimulation. Our patients tolerate and even enjoy their acupuncture sessions!


Osteopathy uses gentle manual manipulation to restore normal movement of not only the spine and limbs but the internal organs. Modern-day research has discovered that osteopathy and chiropractic achieve much of their benefits by improving circulation.


When performed as part of a comprehensive treatment package, massage therapy may minimize injuries and enhance the patient’s recovery speed. Animals with decreased mobility from chronic injuries may benefit from massage therapy with improved range of motion and/or decreased pain. Massage increases circulation and nerve stimulation both where it is applied and also internally in any reflexively associated internal organs.

Titer Testing (Antibody Level Testing)

We offer a variety of blood testing to determine your pets’ antibody levels against common serious diseases. These tests can be performed in order to determine whether further vaccination is necessary or to prove immunity against serious diseases such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and feline panleukopenia. Some tests are able to be run in-house, and some are outsourced to various reputable laboratories.

Please contact us to discuss if these are appropriate for your pet or if you would like to add a titer test to your existing examination.

Service Like No Other

Our talented team is perceptive to your pets’ needs and impassioned in our response. 

Preventative Care and Routine Wellness Care

As pet-caregivers become more actively engaged and educated about veterinary health care choices, good questions can arise about the best ways to be proactive about pet health.

Demographics such as lifestyle, age, travel, geographic location, and diet are all crucially important in making informed, benefit-based decisions. These factors, as well as medical history, influence decisions regarding vaccines or antibody titers, parasite control, supplements, and more.  We can use real expertise and practical experience to help educate you and provide options.

Referral Support

We recognize that we cannot be all things to all patients and choose to focus on our area of specialty.

There is a diverse and wonderful community of veterinarians and animal health support workers in the Edmonton area. All of which have different special interests, skills, training, practice styles, and medical equipment.  We are happy to help connect you with the resources you and your animal companions need.

Ready when you are

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