About Stephanie

Stephanie joined our clinic in July of 2020. Her passion for holistic and natural medicine, for herself and her pets, are what attracted us to each other. After a lifesaving surgery for her dog Bella, Stephanie used holistic medicine, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for ongoing treatment. She has experience firsthand that Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medicine has not only extended the quality of Bella’s life, but has allowed her to thrive. “Holistic medicine offers options western medicine cannot. It has achieved things I never dreamed were even possible in medicine, reversing illness and disease progression”. Stephanie graduated from NAIT in the Veterinary Technologist program in 2017. She chose to go into veterinary medicine, not only for her love of animals, but because she wanted to go to a job she loves every day. She is a welcome and valuable member of our team!