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  • This is, by far, the best veterinary clinic in Edmonton. My cat, Jack, has had some medical problems lately and unfortunately saw multiple different vets before I found the Holistic Clinic. He’s a bit traumatized from all his vet visits and Dr. Marshall and the staff at the clinic actually took the time to ensure he was comfortable and not overly stressed. They care about the comfort of your pet.
  • My dogs are always very happy to be there. The staff and Dr Marshall have⁸ always been so gentle and inviting with my girls. 10 stars out of 5!
  • Dr. Lex has been our doctor for about 5 years now, and he never stops exceeding our expectations! He is very patient, understanding, and really gets to know not only your pet, but you as well. If ever I have had a question or concern he is always happy to discuss over the phone, and advise what steps I can take, and if he feels the need to book an appointment he will always make the time to be able to see my boys. I would highly recommend Dr.Lex, if you are looking for a Vet! I can wholeheartedly promise you will not regret your decision. I don’t want to forget the staff as well.... everyone makes you feel welcome, and right at home. They are always pleasant, and just an over all delight to see, and speak with!

    Thank you to everyone at the Holistic clinic for your care throughout the years we have been coming to see you guys, and a special shout out to Dr. Lex for everything you have done, and the wonderful care you have given my boys!
  • Had a great experience with Dr Miller and her clinical team through an awful chapter with our boy Copper who was diagnosed with an advanced soft tissue sarcoma, a dermal cancer. While my boy did pass recently, between the acupuncture and holistic supplements he kept eating and active till 2 days before he lost his battle. Dr Miller was realistic and offered great perspective on things we could be doing to help our boy in his time of need ensuring his final chapter was a quality of life worth living.
  • After struggling with some serious health issues with our 6 year old cat Leela and a very expensive emergency vet visit we took Leela to see Dr. Lex. Dr. Lex is amazing he is so patient and kind with our grumpy girl, he has helped us manage her condition and he truly cares about her health.
  • Best service (from docs and reception), pricing, information, advice I've seen or experienced. Anywhere. Ever. Not all about the money, actually about providing best possible care for your animals. Have also seen multiple docs* in the clinic and always get in within a reasonable timeline. Flipping love these guys.
  • Dr. Jennifer Marshall is wonderful! So grateful for her compassion and expertise.
  • The Vets and Staff truly care about the well being of your pet. I've been lucky enough to find an amazing vet who works with us and provides a more caring and natural way in treating our dogs needs. Would recommend Holistic Vet Clinic to anyone.
  • I had heard from others about their positive experiences at EHV, but in a time of uncertainty and of social distancing requirements, I had held off for a while before coming here. But our cat didn't want to wait any longer and I made the appointment...and well...Dr. Marshall is amazing! I felt rest assured that I had made the right decision within the first few minutes of chatting with her and she provided the perfect mix of Western and Eastern Medicine. Thank you so much and see you again!
  • Dr. Marshall took excellent care of my dog. I initially went for acupuncture for anxiety and liked her so much I kept going for other things and my dog even had minor surgery in the clinic. The staff are wonderful and were always accommodating of my dogs need for space from other dogs. I would definitely recommend this clinic.


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