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  • My only regret is that I didn’t switch to this clinic years ago. My cavalier doesn’t even know he’s at the vet, any shots, etc. Is all done on a low sofa with a gentle touch. They were able to see me in an emergency situation when my cavalier couldn’t walk up or down stairs (he was two yrs old) which they correctly diagnosed as a pulled muscle. With some acupuncture and massage he was back to himself in a few days. If they had not been able to see me it would have meant a definite overnight stay at guardian - been down that road a few times and of course medicine that he didn’t need. I also like that they don’t push products. I was expecting the holistic vet to be more expensive for a regular visit but that has not been the case. I am so thankful we have this clinic in Edmonton!
  • Can't say enough positive things about Edmonton Holistic Vet. My 13 year old kitty has never been so calm at the vet, and Dr. Lex and the wonderful tech's are to thank. I'm actually looking forward to our next appointment instead of dreading it, knowing my boy is in such great hands now.
  • I could not be happier with their services. Osteopathy and acupuncture were the best treatment approach for my dogs back problems.
  • This is the best vet we have ever been to. Over the life of our 3 year old dog we have been to numerous vets. He has allergy issues and we received differing opinions from all vets and nothing was working. We decided to go the holistic route. The first visit was great. The vet actually listened to our dogs full history and took her time figuring out what was wrong with him.

    A couple weeks previous to this we went to a vet because our dog couldn’t open his eyes. The vet said that he has entropion and would most likely need a $2500+ surgery to fix his eyes. I just didn’t believe this was true because some days his eyes would open and other days it wouldn’t. I really thought it was allergies but that vet wouldn’t listen and went to the most extreme diagnosis. But, the holistic vet was great. She seemed to agree with me that it was allergies since it would come and go. She prescribed some Chinese herbs to put on his food and if that didn’t help she would try different medicine.

    Within 2-3 days our dogs eyes and other allergy symptoms were fantastic. He’s been the best he’s ever been and has only been on the herbs for a couple weeks. I can’t say enough how great our time at this vet has been. We didn’t walk away with any kind of cognitive dissonance like the other vets we’ve visited. Highly recommend if you want a vet that doesn’t just rush you through and truly cares about the well being of your pet.
  • Our Jack Russell pup Cooper has been looking to the fine folks at the Holistic vet clinic for health advice for 14 + years. They really care and deal with matters in a simple straightforward manner. We highly recommend them for your pets ongoing health.
  • Dr. Bardyeyev is amazing. He is so patient and kind. He never rushes an appointment, and takes the time to make sure our dog gets everything he needs to live a long happy life. Our dog is 18 years old, and he would not be in such great shape if it wasn’t for Dr. Bardyeyev and the herbs he has prescribed for him. His knowledge of the different holistic treatments available is incredible. When traditional medicine can’t help, I suggest you try this clinic.
  • I have seen a variety of different vets here, and they ALL are amazing! We started our journey here to obtain a second opinion when our mini-schnauzer went blind three years ago, and continue with chiropractic, acupuncture and osteopathy for my other mini-schnauzer (who has recovered amazingly from a pinched nerve in his neck and low back tightness). I would highly recommend this clinic, for many reasons...the staff are very caring and compassionate, the vets are very knowledgeable and effective with their treatments, and they have a nice blend of natural and medical approaches. This is the best place to bring your pet, in my opinion!
  • Best vet I've ever used. My dog had multiple health issues, some very serious. With their advice and help he did really well for a long, long time. At the end of his long life Dr Marshall gave informed and compassionate advice, and all the staff made that last day calm and bearable for him and for me. Can't rate them high enough.


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