About Jodie

Dr. Jodie Santarossa is a 2002 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Before veterinary college, Jodie attended the University of Saskatchewan and received a BSc in Biology, graduating with great distinction. During her time as an undergraduate in a combined genetics, evolution and cell biology focused degree, Jodie founded the Pre-Veterinary Club, which still exists today. As a veterinary student, Jodie received the Back-Row Boys Award for school leadership and spirit, the Hills Canada Outstanding Student Award, the Pfizer Clinical Student Award and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Large Animal Surgery Award. 

Upon graduation, Jodie started a large animal surgical internship at a private referral practice in Alberta. Following that, along with a business partner she built West Wind Veterinary Hospital, an equine surgical referral practice near Sherwood Park, Alberta. Jodie furthered her interest in equine sports medicine while working at Northlands Park, a race track in Edmonton. During this  time, Jodie also co-hosted Pet Talk, a call-in radio show which was awarded the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Hills Public Relations Award. Jodie subsequently earned the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association communications award in 2011 for interviews advocating for animal health and welfare. For many years, Jodie also served as the resident equine show vet and consultant to the Northlands Agriculture Society.

From 2007 to 2008, Jodie attended lectures through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and it was there she first experienced energy medicine. Though slightly skeptical and resistant  at first, Jodie saw first-hand the power of executing therapy at an electrical/vibrational level. While continuing to further her knowledge in the realms of subtle energy therapies and  vibrational medicine, her passion for building better equine athletes intensified.  

Recognizing the important of physical therapy for elite equine athletes, in 2011 Jodie pursued studies in the fields of Animal Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy at the Animal  Rehabilitation Institute in Florida. Jodie’s continuing education interests focus on the science of vibrational medicine, preventative strategies and rehabilitation practices for improved health and welfare for all animals. Dr. Santarossa also attended courses in Equine Cranial Sacral Therapy, a manual energy-based modality like osteopathy to maintain elite athletes, prevent injury and  promote wellness. She also studied how kinesiology tape can be used in animal health to prevent injury or facilitate recovery. Jodie most recently attended the Academy of Equine Dentistry in the US seeking further education and pursuit of a specialization with the International Association of Equine Dentists.  

Jodie’s previous practice, BrightSide Vet, was an equine sports medicine practice serving the Edmonton area and beyond. Jodie adopted a vibrational/holistic approach to veterinary medicine integrating elements of Eastern and Western medicine to build better equine athletes through science-based prevention and maintenance. Due to client requests Jodie began offering the same philosophies of health and wellness cats, dogs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, etc. She considered herself to be part of a team of highly trained professionals working towards a common goal. She realized that animal guardians are keen to learn and be empowered, as such, she developed a series of clinics and lectures on various topics and routinely used clinic formats to deliver the content. 

She has worked with colleagues of similar purpose and passion towards the development of an integrated consulting firm in California, provided consulting services to industry leaders in the  realm of therapeutic textiles, kinesiology tape for horses and most recently has advised industrial hemp companies providing guidance on the use of hemp derived nutritional supplements and CBD extracts for animal health and wellness. 

At the core of all of Jodie’s professional endeavours is the saying that an ounce of prevention is  worth a pound of cure and she loves to quote, Hippocrates, “let food be thy medicine and  medicine be thy food”. Jodie is a keen ambassador for the veterinary profession and strongly believes that veterinarians play an integral role in public health and education on animal health and welfare. Recently she has become quite fascinated by the importance of food security, modern farm design and the shifting trends in agriculture particularly as it relates to food animal production, antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare, farmer worker welfare and environmental effects. 

In addition to her busy professional career, Jodie is the grateful mother to, Addy! Jodie appreciates home grown food shared with friends and family. She and her daughter share a passion for animals and count among their people 1 dog, 2 cats, a pony, 7 hens and 4  turkey’s (at the moment).